About YEA

The Young Entrepreneurs Association was formed under the auspices of the Jamaica Employers' Federation (JEF) in 2005 and is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization whose mandate is to support young people in business. Aimed at business owners 45 and under, YEA provides members an opportunity to learn from each other's experiences and take advantage of peer mentorship as they grow their businesses.

Our member-run, not for profit association is the ultimate community for young entrepreneurs across Jamaica who want to increase their chances of business success. YEA members represent the best in Jamaican business. They understand personal sacrifice, risk-taking and hard work and YEA provides them with a unique opportunity to connect with others who also appreciate the special challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

To increase the survival and success rate of young and youth-owned businesses in Jamaica. YEA will create an environment where the young entrepreneurs can support and inspire one another in growth, balance and success.

Our Mission

To lead the development of successful young business through the delivery of dynamic, high value event-driven programming that communicates the fundamental skills of business management. To promote a cadre of young entrepreneurs to mentor each other in business.

Aims and Objectives of the YEA

  • To identify and organize young entrepreneurs in Jamaica.
  • To transform the Jamaican mindset through the promotion of innovation and creativity.
  • To affect public policy in order to improve the Jamaican business environment.
  • To facilitate the success of entrepreneurial ideas through the provision of relevant training and education.
  • To develop a forum for networking among members and the local and international business community.
  • To promote best ethical practices.
  • To foster an image of inclusion.


In acknowledgement of the high failure rate among young businesses the YEA seeks to cultivate and nurture the survival and success among such entities. We are a group of people who support each other so that we can grow and help others to do the same.

We help our members by holding social and professional events where we allow them to network with each other, learn from each other, and find answers to questions. We address issues on how to get funding and experienced entrepreneurs come and talk about how to start and grow a company, and various other professionals come and talk about what resources they provide to entrepreneurs.

We provide an international network of resources. The YEA is affiliated to other chapters. These are people with specific experiences and skills that are relevant and helpful to our members that our members would not have otherwise met.

As an organisation, we attract other resources (people, companies) that an individual would not be able to. We're exploring ways to work together with other organisations to our mutual benefit.

The emotional and psychological value of a support network are not to be underestimated. Having peers with whom you can share your issues and questions, against whom you can bounce ideas and get advice, and from whom you can receive encouragement in the face of difficulties are unquantifiable, but very valuable benefits of being involved with YEA.

We envision a different association that ignites a fire among existing and potential entrepreneurs that touches even the people at the school and college level to effect real change in our country, economic growth and wealth creation. And also, we would like to see entrepreneurship as a part of the high school curriculum.

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