Young Entrepreneurs Association of Jamaica

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Aims and Objectives of the YEA

  • To identify and organize young entrepreneurs in Jamaica.
  • To transform the Jamaican mindset through the promotion of innovation and creativity.
  • To affect public policy in order to improve the Jamaican business environment.
  • To facilitate the success of entrepreneurial ideas through the provision of relevant training and education.
  • To develop a forum for networking among members and the local and international business community.
  • To promote best ethical practices.
  • To foster an image of inclusion.

Our Vision

To increase the survival and success rate of young and youth-owned businesses in Jamaica. YEA will create an environment where the young entrepreneurs can support and inspire one another in growth, balance and success.


To lead the development of successful young business through the delivery of dynamic, high value event-driven programming that communicates the fundamental skills of business management. To promote a cadre of young entrepreneurs to mentor each other in business.

Association Activities & Concerns

Member-to-Member discount program

The range of products and services offered by YEA members is…

President’s Think Tank

This intimate self-facilitated event type consists of less than 10 members,…

Member Hotline Advice & Referral

Using our resources members can get advice and referrals for problems…

Resources to Grow Your Business

All members of the YEA have full access to he library…

YEA Quarterly Socials

Socials are informal mixers, hosted at various social locations. The dynamics…

Member Benefits Program

The Member Benefits Program is a series of business-related products and…

Member-only Programs and Events

This is an on-site company tour and overview of a successful…

YEA Peer Mentorship Program

YEA Peer Mentorship Groups or "PMGs" are groups of 8-10 young…

Association Events

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