Membership Benefits

In collaboration with our local and international partners, the YEA provides our members with access to a suite of growth enabling benefits including:

  1. Peer to Peer Mentorship and Coaching
  2. Training opportunities with lead local and international coaches often provided complimentary or at very discounted rates
  3. Numerous events and opportunities for networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and partners
  4. Opportunities to write articles and advertise in the YEA blog, magazine and newsletter circulated to thousands of entrepreneurs, local and international partners
  5. Invitations to attend and participate in special events and conferences locally and internationally
  6. Opportunities to attend and participate in international fellowships
  7. Events that enable you to showcase your business to your target market at discounted rates
  8. Website link exchange opportunities through YEA website
  9. Complimentary features and articles with our media partners and in our social media series (upcoming)
  10. Opportunities to present your recommendations and solutions to Ministers and officials in our policy forums and events
  11. Access to an increased client base
  12. The YEA is also a Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) approved Business Development Organization, this provides you with the opportunity to offer coaching, training or consultancy services through our Voucher for Technical Assistance partnership with the DBJ
  13. Opportunities to give back to others and contribute to the growth and development of entrepreneurship and the economy
  14. Discounts and special rates on members’ and partners’ products and services
  15. Online groups where you can freely promote your business and share upcoming products and events and much more!

Over 3000 entrepreneurs have benefitted from our range of benefits and services. It’s your turn and time to take your business to the next level! Become a membertoday! Come join us and experience the true power of Association!