The Young Entrepreneurs Association of Jamaica

Silver Membership

$20,000.00 / 12 Months For 12 Months

Membership Benefits:

  • Yea Member certificate
  • Access to YEA WhatsApp Group
  • Inclusion in YEA email listing
  • Access to YEA members portal
  • Discounts on YEA-exclusive events and offerings
  • Access to Capacity Building/Training Scholarships
  • Yea Membership Discount Card
  • YEA T-shirt YEA Golden Pin
  • Mentorship Club Access


Membership benefits for YEA (Young Entrepreneurs Association) include:

  1. YEA Member Certificate: As a member of YEA, you will receive an official membership certificate, which can be a valuable addition to your professional credentials and can demonstrate your commitment to entrepreneurship and business growth.
  2. Access to YEA WhatsApp Group: You will have exclusive access to a dedicated YEA WhatsApp group. This group can serve as a platform for networking, sharing ideas, and connecting with fellow young entrepreneurs. It’s an excellent way to stay informed about upcoming events, opportunities, and engage in discussions related to entrepreneurship.
  3. Inclusion in YEA Email Listing: You will be added to YEA’s email listing, which means you will receive regular updates, newsletters, and information about YEA events, workshops, seminars, and other activities. This ensures that you stay informed about relevant opportunities and resources in the entrepreneurial community.
  4. Access to the YEA Members Portal: As a YEA member, you will gain access to an exclusive members’ portal on the association’s website. This portal may offer a range of resources, including educational materials, business tools, templates, and member-only content to help you in your entrepreneurial journey.
  5. Discounts on YEA-Exclusive Events and Offerings: YEA members often enjoy special discounts or preferential pricing on various events and offerings organized by the association. This could include discounts on conferences, workshops, seminars, and other entrepreneurial-related activities. These discounts can help you save money while accessing valuable educational and networking opportunities.
  6. Access to Capacity Building/Training Scholarships: Some associations like YEA may offer scholarships or subsidies for capacity-building programs and training sessions. As a member, you may be eligible to apply for these scholarships, which can help you acquire new skills, knowledge, and training to enhance your entrepreneurial abilities without incurring the full cost.
  7. YEA Membership Discount Card: As a member of YEA, you may receive a membership discount card that can be used to access discounts and special offers from partnering businesses, suppliers, and service providers. This card can help you save money on various products and services relevant to your entrepreneurial endeavors.
  8. YEA T-shirt: You may also receive a YEA-branded T-shirt as part of your membership package. Wearing this T-shirt can help you proudly display your association with YEA and connect with fellow members at events and gatherings.
  9. YEA Golden Pin: A YEA Golden Pin can serve as a symbol of your commitment and achievement within the association. It may be awarded to members who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, leadership, or contributions to the YEA community.
  10. Mentorship Club Access: YEA often offers mentorship programs where experienced entrepreneurs provide guidance and support to younger members. As a member, you may have access to these mentorship opportunities, which can be invaluable for your professional development and business growth.

These membership benefits are designed to support and empower young entrepreneurs by providing them with networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, and access to a community of like-minded individuals. It can help you grow your entrepreneurial skills, stay informed about industry trends, and build valuable connections in the business world.